What is Augmented Reality Sandbox?

Remember when playing in the sandbox was the highlight of your day? There is a reason it was — because playing with sand has been found vastly important in the development of children. Today iSandBOX is taking sandplay to a new level. This innovative system turns the sand into a colorful 3D play area. An augmented reality sandbox includes a large container filled with sand, a movement sensor, a projector, and a powerful PC.

How does Augmented Reality Sandbox work?​

AR sandbox is built on a simple principle. Kinect depth sensor connected to the PC measures the distance to the sand.  The elaborate software system processes the data received from the sensor to give commands to the projector to illuminate iSandBOX areas with certain colors. However, it is more than just color that is projected onto the sand. It is realistic textures of various objects: hills, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, oceans, and many other surfaces. As a result, iSandBOX enables you to create your own world and change it in a single motion.


Interactive Sandbox Software​

What makes iSandBOX stand out in the market? It is 25 learning and game modes that simulate realistic scenes and depict natural phenomena of the surrounding world. The unique modes developed with the help of practicing educators, therapists and researchers give little explorers a chance to manipulate natural objects in real-time: build hills, change riverbeds, create volcanoes and waterfalls. Our team of developers build their work on the latest research and the most advanced game mechanics and we can say for sure, we provide the best software solutions with real educational value.

Interactive Sandbox Volcano
Interactive Sandbox Software​​

Augmented Reality Sandbox Usage Areas

Playing with sand has never been more engaging! iSandBOX is being successfully used for various purposes:

elementary education​

Early education, preschool, elementary education

Our ready-made teaching scripts and lesson plans help educators teach about natural phenomena, geometric shapes, colors, numbers and space objects.  With the help of the teacher, children can learn topography, geography, and natural sciences. They can also practice emotional intelligence, teamwork, collaboration, and other soft skills. They get so carried away by play, they don’t even realize that they are learning!

Psychological therapy

Psychological therapy, rehabilitation

Sandplay therapy is a research-proven type of therapeutic intervention making use of a sandbox, toy figures, and sometimes water. iSandBOX brings new possibilities to this type of therapy, offering practitioners a chance to give clients an immersive healing experience with great visualization of their inner thoughts, struggles, and concerns.

special-needs children

Working with special-needs children and adults

(including ICP). iSandBOX Children’s Hope is a model of AR sandbox designed especially for people with limited mobility, making sandplay accessible, comfortable and safe for people on wheelchairs. All 25 modes are made to stimulate physical activity: stretching arms, waving and clapping hands, hitting and slapping the sand surface. Playing with sand can also naturally develop and restore fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. it may serve as a therapy tool for hospitals, practitioners’ offices and rehabilitation centers.

Children’s and adults’ entertainment

Children’s and adults’ entertainment

iSandBOX augmented reality sandbox can be equipped with a payment system that will turn it into a vending device for any entertainment center, hotel, restaurant or airport. The interactive sandbox will become a signature attraction at any museum or indoor play area and will attract more customers. Children will remember this bright and immersive experience and will want to come back time and again to have more fun with the sand!

Compare with Augmented Reality Sandbox UC Davis

iSandBOX is not the only augmented reality sandbox available in the market. The advantages of iSandBOX over its analog produced by UC Davis include:

Augmented Reality Sandbox UC Davis
  • iSandBOX provides a large variety of 25 learning and game modes with animated objects and sounds, while the other sandbox only has 2 modes, which are almost static.
  • UC Davis model is a DYI system, which comes with instructions on how to build your own augmented reality sandbox. iSandBOX is a rigid commercial product assured with years of design and development.  
  • iSandBOX provides an option of customized software development, while UCLA augmented reality sandbox is fixed and cannot be modified. 
  • iSandBOX has various control options, including the powerful PC built into the interactive sandbox hardware and a tablet that provides extended settings and control possibilities. UC Davis interactive sandbox can only be controlled via an external PC.

How to buy an Augmented Reality Sandbox

iSandBOX is produced by Universal Terminal Systems, a company located in Tomsk, Russia. Our mission is to merge traditional learning methods with the newest technologies to meet the needs of every child and help them fulfill their potential. The company owns 500 square meters of manufacturing facilities and a professional team working on R&D in the field of AR.

If you decide to buy an AR sandbox for your establishment, contact Universal Terminal Systems by any convenient means. Our managers will do their best to help you select between our 7 models to find the option that fits your needs and requirements.

The total price will depend on the selected model and shipping destination. A 30% deposit is required to confirm the order, and the full payment is due after checking the goods before shipping. Standard shipment time is 20 days from payment of the deposit.

Contact us today, to order a new-generation sandbox for your establishment!

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