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The heart of iSandBOX is the augmented reality software developed by UTS. It orchestrates interaction between the sandbox components and renders the image to be projected on the sand.

The augmented reality software comes with gaming and educational modes (augmented reality games and applications). We can customize the sandbox software for you: implement support for additional peripherals (VR, coin acceptors, etc.), add new modes and visuals, etc.

Hardware setup

Augmented reality sandbox - hardware and system requirements

Players shape the sand to create landscapes/objects and use gestures to control game play.

The depth measurement sensor (Kinect or other device) captures the distance to the sand surface and player gestures.

The computer uses the augmented reality sandbox software to process the data from the depth sensor and render the augmented reality scene.

The projector projects the image received from the computer down to the augmented reality sandbox.

The sound system plays the sounds from the computer.

The tablet is used to manage the sandbox using the iSandbox mobile application.

Why choose us

We will help you choose the right modes for your augmented sandbox software. We can also develop custom functionality for your projects. There are many reason why iSandBOX is the augmented reality sandbox software of choice for building your own sandbox.

Superb graphics

Smooth and realistic animation, bright colors, pixel and vertex shaders for water, lighting, transparency, refraction and global illumination effects.

Superb augmented reality graphics

Realistic simulation

Realistic landscape behavior depending on climatic zones and other conditions, realistic solid body and liquid physics, lava, water, smoke.

Realistic augmented reality physics

Good optimization

Zero-lag gameplay. AR sandbox software will smoothly run on an integrated GPU (Ryzen 3500G) or an entry-level dedicated GPU (GeForce GTX 1030). 

Moderate hardware specifications for augmented reality

Detailed documentation

Our augmented reality sandbox software includes documentation and instructional videos for installing the drivers, the software and for calibrating the sensor.

Documentation for your augmented reality sandbox

Great customer support

Remote assistance with the installation of  augmented reality sandbox software and sensor calibration, live technical support, custom development.

Technical support for your augmented reality sandbox

Games and applications

The Base augmented reality sandbox software kit costs $1000 and comes with several games and applications. Others are available for purchase separately.

Flora and fauna
Arts and creativity
Games and action
Fantasy worlds

These applications educate and entertain. Players learn how our planet works and how topographic maps reflect real landscapes. They shape the sand with their own hands creating elevated and lowland areas, volcanoes, lakes and rivers.

science centers
childhood development centers

Besides visualizing landscape and climates and seasons, our augmented reality sandbox engine adds real-life flora and fauna creating realistic ecosystems. These worlds also respond to landscape changes that can make the populations flourish or perish. There are also games involving creatures where realism is not necessary but humane treatment of living beings is encouraged.

childhood development centers
amusement parks
indoor play areas

These games for the augmented reality sandbox enable kids to distinguish shapes and colors, apply and develop their artistic taste and basic skills. Of course, the games are a great attention grabber and fun to play.

childhood development centers
amusement parks
indoor play areas

These modes combine physical activity and creativity in a wide variety of gaming experiences, spanning such genres as adventure, sports, action and real-time strategies. These modes are bought separately from the base augmented reality software.

amusement parks
indoor play areas
childhood development centers

Realistic simulations are fun and entertaining but sometimes you’d want something fancy or fantasy. Kids get carried away in fairytale worlds, excited by bright-colored landscapes and fantastic creatures.

amusement parks
indoor play areas
childhood development centers

Use cases

iSandBOX is making children and adults happy in 40+ countries around the globe. Below you can see how exactly our customers are using their augmented reality sandboxes and read what they say about user experience.

EQ Kids Club
Buena Vista Museum
uTyala STEM Institute
Shanghai Palm Intl
State Darwin Museum
Senior Care Facility
Caboolture Child Care
Sealife Helsinki

iSandBOX can fit in any play and educational setting and become one of the central components of a fun learning environment. See how little visitors of EQ Kids Club USA enjoy playing with iSandBOX boosting their creativity and cognitive abilities.

It gives new positive emotions to children, expands their knowledge of forces of nature, flora and fauna, develops motor and communication skills. This is a great edutainment solution for kindergartens, preschools and elementary schools.

Buena Vista Museum in California gets iSandBOX augmented reality sandbox teaching kids earth science. 

Conventional sand comes to life giving children a chance to learn about the earth, geology and history, stimulating creativity and developing imagination.

“uTyala STEM Institute is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. uTyala STEM Institute provides STEM education sessions as an extracurricular to Grade R-12 learners with the aim of developing critical, cognitive and independent thinking skills.” 

“In addition, bespoke sessions are also developed for schools that wish to integrate STEM education as part of their current curriculum. 4IR technologies such as coding, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing are used as enablers to facilitate the multidisciplinary application of knowledge that is obtained in the classroom.”

“ISandBOX is a unique product in terms of applying augmented reality technology. We particularly like the level of immersion when students interact with the product.”

“Our current clients are members of the STEM Institute. We have started penetrating the psychology sector. Potential clients love the product. The iSandBOX is adapted towards the lesson plans that are developed by the STEM Institute. In addition, it is also used for free play at daycare centers.”

“UTS has always been reliable, helpful and professional during interactions.”

“Our company was founded in 1996, and our headquarter in Nanjing, and we have independent corporate companies in Shanghai, China, and Japan. Our main business is international trade.”

“We think iSandBOX is a great educational product for children, and it combines children’s interests with children’s educational needs. There are many similar AR sand tables in China, but our company chose iSandBOX because its software scenes are scientific, rigorous, logical and beautifully presented. In this way, the software scenes are more in line with the laws of children’s development cognition and are more meaningful.”

“At present, our main customers are children’s education institutions and kindergartens. For this reason, our company invested a lot of money in the research and development of children’s education courses to make iSandBOX meet the demand of China’s early childhood education market.”

“Our clients use iSandBOX for children’s classroom education, such as kindergarten special activity courses, teachers lead children to complete specific theme activities.”

“Universal Terminal Systems is a creative and passionate partner. We hope to work together with you to promote iSandBOX to the whole of China. We will also actively promote other industries such as children’s entertainment, technology popularization, treatment, and other industries.”


“We’ve started the year by installing two very interesting interactive exhibits. (iSandBOX is one of them). Our planet is still very young: active tectonic processes are underway, the climate is changing, the river beds, the sizes of lakes and seas are being transformed.”

“Now we have an interactive system (iSandBOX), where everyone can change the sand surface and see what happens with the Earth when the landscape is modified.”

A. Kluykina, Museum Director


iSandBOX is successfully used as a sandplay tool for the therapy of the elderly.

Watch this video to see the touching moments our partner in Japan has captured.

This is a great example of how our augmented reality sandboxes help change the world for the better.


“Children love to explore and play in our stimulating learning environments that are designed to inspire curious young minds. There’s so much to discover in our purpose-built indoor spaces and our large outdoor areas that include a dry creek bed, a water play area, sandpits and a vegetable garden.
We also provide the latest interactive learning technology, including SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards and iSandbox, an exciting tool that encourages imaginative play and fosters language development.”

“Children love to explore and play in our stimulating learning environments that are designed to inspire curious young minds. There’s so much to discover in our purpose-built indoor spaces and our large outdoor areas that include a dry creek bed, a water play area, sandpits and a vegetable garden. We also provide the latest interactive learning technology, including SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards and iSandbox, an exciting tool that encourages imaginative play and fosters language development.”

“At Community Kids our educators specifically use this interactive tool to enable children to express ideas and to foster rich language use. In response to their evolving ideas and interests, we anticipate and extend children’s learning via open-ended questioning; encouraging feedback and dialogue about the experience, challenging their thinking and subsequently guiding their learning.”

“At Community Kids, all educational programs are guided by the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. Our iSandBOX curriculum was developed to incorporate ‘Learning Environments’, ‘Learning Through Play’ and ‘Intentional Teaching’ specifically.”


“iSandBOX is located in our exhibition, so the children can play with it whenever they want to. We only use the Ocean program.”

“At first, it took a while to understand how iSandBOX works, but after that, it’s been quite simple. The best part of it is the interaction that the children get when they are using it.”

“They like it very much — younger children only play with the sand, but a bit older ones can spend a lot of time moving the sand around, building islands on the sand etc.”

Custom development

We develop new augmented reality sandbox software applications and modes according to your vision. We can also add support for custom peripherals like VR helmets, neural control interface devices, 3D scanners, augmented reality goggles, gamepads and joysticks, air mice, markers, NFC, RFID devices, coin acceptors, etc. 

We integrate our augmented reality software into larger software systems like ERP solutions. Watch the video to learn more about some of the projects we developed for our customers.

New input devices can truly add a new dimension to your interactive sandbox project. You can use them to add new gameplay features, enhance user experience or better manage your augmented reality sandbox.

AR devices for augmented reality

VR devices

We can implement VR support. You will be able to use VR devices with your AR sandbox to create highly immersive experiences.

AR goggles for augmented reality

AR goggles

We can add support for augmented reality goggles and develop new or enhance existing modes with additional AR graphics.

Game controllers for augmented reality

Game controllers

Players often feel comfortable using game pads, joysticks and other gaming controllers. Let us know if you are planning to use them.

Air mice for augmented reality

Air mice

Air mice are already supported by our augmented reality sandbox software. They are great for controlling units in strategy games.

AR markers for augmented reality

AR markers

Markers add more interactive capabilities. Players can use markers to place objects or events in the augmented reality sandbox.

Neural interfaces for augmented reality

Neural interfaces

A cutting edge human-to-machine interaction tech, neural interfaces are getting more widespread. We can add support for them.

RFID tags for augmented reality

RFID tags

These tags are extremely useful for access control and keeping player scores. We can implement RFID tags support for you.

3D scanners for augmented reality

3D scanners

3D scanners have been around for quite a while. If you have an idea how to use them with your sandbox, we can help.

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