Paints and Brushes

Interactive coloring wall for education and entertainment

What is Paints and Brushes

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Paints and Brushes is a set of devices that project a canvas with black and white sketches for kids to color them. Children touch elements with special soft brushes and color pictures.

 It is a great fit for daycare centers, rehabilitation centers, special education facilities and playrooms.

Bright graphics, high-quality animation and music effects will immerse kids in the world of magic, and let their creativity fly.


paints and brushes

Paints and Brushes provides great opportunities for children’s artistic development.


paints and brushes

Paints and Brushes offers exciting games that help stimulate intellectual activity.


Paints and Brushes creates bright and thrilling experiences thus attracting more visitors to play areas.


Paints and Brushes works great in entertainment rooms, especially with other interactive equipment.

Control screen
Control buttons
Number of children playing at the same time
up to 10
up to 6
up to 7
up to 10
Recommended room space, m2
from 2.5
from 1.5
from 1.8
from 2.5
Dimensions / whd, cm
46 x 41.3 x 9.9
107 x 168 x 99.9
116 x 214 x 94
153 x 235 x 110
Box dimensions / whd, cm
107 x 48 x 78
116 x 54 x 80
153 x 54 x 94
Side wall height / whd, cm
Weight (without sand), kg
Play space, m2
Required volume of sand, kg
All models include:

The cost of the sand is not included


Skills developed

iSandBOX - Physical skills

Physical skills

iSandBOX - Social skills

Social skills

iSandBOX - Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills


Involvement and focus


Paints and Brushes is a game where children can color images projected onto the wall using large brushes. The software includes 36 coloring images and 3 game mechanics. 

Interactive Wall Paint and Brush

Scenario one

The player chooses one of the three modes and a scene they like. The selected scene is projected on the wall in the form of a black-and-white outline drawing. When the player touches an element, it turns into bright color, and as soon as the image is completely colored, it comes to life.

Scenario two

The player selects one of the black-and-white pictures in the image menu, selects the desired color on the color palette and paints over the closed contour. Once the drawing is colored completely, click on the “done” button and watch the drawing come to life.

Interactive Wall Brush Example
Interactive Wall Brush Example 2

Scenario three

The player selects one of the drawings in the image menu. Then the player selects a fragment of the drawing and the desired color. Once the drawing is colored completely, click on the “done” button and watch the drawing come to life.

Paints and Brushes Equipment

  • Computer 
  • Sensor + camera 
  • Multimedia projector 
  • Tablet for control 
  • Soft balls 2 pcs. 
  • 3 game mechanics and 36 coloring scenes

Play area up to 14 sq.m

Interactive Wall Brush Example

Why buy from us

Interactive room - projections in the walls and on the floor

When buying Paints and Brushes from us, you buy directly from the developer and manufacturer of the entire system. This entails obvious benefits, including technical support, advice and special offers. We invest a lot into our products to make sure they are the best. All our products, including the interactive floor, have intuitive and easy to use controls. We also assist with making technical specifications for procurement. We provide first-line support through remote connection to your equipment. All Paints and Brushes editions include 1 year of free software updates. Our interactive wall offers best-in-class 3D graphics and exciting gameplay with well-developed game mechanics. We develop custom projects that meet requirements and budgets. We also deliver turn-key solutions whereby we assemble, install and configure all hardware and software.

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