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Interactive sandboxes are spectacular and practical entertainment devices for a range of applications and industries.

They are an eye-stopper for both children and adults. They also help people relax or pass the time in airports, hotels or train stations.


We will help you choose the right modes for your augmented sandbox software. We can also develop custom functionality for your projects. There are many reason why iSandBOX is the augmented reality sandbox software of choice for building your own sandbox.


Branded AR sandboxes complement theme parks and play rooms with unique experiences and innovative game modes.


AR sandboxes are great for kids play zones and limited space areas. They are safe and certified and do not require play assistants.


iSandBOX is an alternative to mobiles and other gadgets. AR sandboxes promote physical activity and learning through play.

iSandBOX in interactive play spaces

iSandBOX is a nice addition to your interactive play spaces or play rooms. Its medium-paced gameplay fits well with more dynamic attractions like ICEHOOK, Smashwall or Floorium. iSandbox is great for kids who are into thoughtful and creative gameplay with artistic thinking.

Interactive modes

25 modes are available for iSandBOX, so not all of them are provided here. Feel free to get descriptions and media for the rest of the modes by clicking the button below.

Realistic simulations are fun and entertaining but sometimes you’d want something fancy or fantasy. Kids get carried away in fairytale worlds, excited by bright-colored landscapes and fantastic creatures.

Interactive sandbox models

augmented reality sandbox isandbox lite


ar sandbox isandbox mini


ar sandbox isandbox standard


Compare versions

Control screen
Control buttons
Number of children playing at the same time
up to 10
up to 7
up to 10
Recommended room space, m2
from 2.5
from 1.8
from 2.5
Dimensions / whd, cm
46 x 41.3 x 9.9
116 x 214 x 94
153 x 235 x 110
Box dimensions / whd, cm
116 x 54 x 80
153 x 54 x 94
Side wall height / whd, cm
Weight (without sand), kg
Play space, m2
Required volume of sand, kg
All models include:

The cost of the sand is not included



iSandBOX - spectacular

Engaging game experience and attention grabber

Payment acceptor for ar sandbox

Can be used as a vending machine

iSandBOX - white-label

Branding and customization options

iSandBOX - modern design

Visually appealing,
nextgen looks

iSandBOX - 25 modes

25 colorful dynamic
game modes

iSandBOX - durability

Safe and resilient

Use cases

Sealife Scheveningen
Porto Mare
Park Hotel Philipp

“iSandBOX is located in our exhibition, so the children can play with it whenever they want to. We only use the Ocean program.”

“At first, it took a while to understand how iSandBOX works, but after that, it’s been quite simple. The best part of it is the interaction that the children get when they are using it.”

“They like it very much — younger children only play with the sand, but a bit older ones can spend a lot of time moving the sand around, building islands on the sand etc.”

Set in a beach resort, this laid-back hotel is 1 minute on foot from a bus stop and 2 km from Park Miniatyur Krym.

The casual rooms provide flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. The 1-bedroom suites have kitchens and living rooms.

Breakfast and dinner are included. Other amenities consist of a private beach, 5 indoor and outdoor pools, 4 restaurants, 6 bars, and a fitness room, plus a spa offering a sauna and massages. There’s also petting zoo, as well as an amusement park.

«Off route E28 and set in tree-shaded gardens by a lake, this elegant hotel is 21 km from medieval ruins at Balga, and 46 km from Kaliningrad city center.

Warmly decorated rooms feature heated floors, flat-screen TVs, safes, minibars, and free Wi-Fi. Polished suites and an airy 3-bedroom villa add living rooms.

Gardens feature a sauna and a BBQ area. There’s also an upscale restaurant, an indoor pool and a spa.»

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