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Augmented reality sandbox

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iSandBOX is an augmented reality sandbox for education, therapy, and entertainment

About iSandBOX – an augmented reality sandbox

iSandBOX is an innovative system that completes traditional sandplay with augmented reality.

iSandBOX turns the sand surface into a colorful interactive 3D play area that responds to every movement of the player. Our augmented reality sandbox animates and enriches sandplay experience. The sandbox allows the players to play and learn in a universe that they build and shape with their own hands.


iSandBOX is a multifunctional augmented reality sandbox that brings unforgettable experiences and outstanding results in:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Therapy 
  • Exhibitions

How does it work?

ar sandbox
Augmented reality sandbox schematics

How does it work?

The depth sensor captures the distance to the sand surface.

This data is transferred to the PC.

The PC processes the data and sends commands to the projector.

The projector creates augmented reality on the augmented reality sandbox surface by projecting realistic textures — blue water, red volcanic lava, green hills and many other objects.

Augmented reality objects instantly react to changes of the AR sandbox landscape and player hand movements.

Augmented reality sandbox software

16 basic modes
9 extra modes
Custom development
Very easy to use

iSandBOX software completes the augmented reality sandbox with a set of modes that feature high-quality graphics and game mechanics. The modes visualize natural phenomena and produce realistic scenes and events that respond to the movement of the sand surface. The projected image immediately responds to changes in the augmented reality sandbox landscape and player movements. 

The Basic Modes package is included with every iSandBOX and contains 16 modes. This package comes free of charge.

For your augmented reality sandboxes, we also offer several extra modes that can be purchased at an additional charge.

These extra modes add new themes and games to the AR sandbox. They enhance children’s learning and playing experiences. These modes will boost children’s imagination and provide endless opportunities for role-playing and learning in a unique interactive environment created by the AR sandbox.

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With our team of professionals in game development, design and engineering, your project is in caring and capable hands. We develop customized AR sandbox solutions for entertainment, visualization and unique media content to express your brand identity.

We can develop new modes for iSandBOX that will visualize the concepts and processes that you have in mind for your AR sandbox. 

Who might be interested? 

  • Indoor attractions park integrators  
  • Natural history, popular science museums
  • Network malls
  • Hotel networks
  • Theme Parks 
  • Expos
  • Schools, colleges, universities

Order AR sandbox from us and we will help you build an emotional connection between the users and your brand by creating your authentic story. Just send us a request, describing what you would like to have in your AR sandbox.

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iSandBOX is supplied with a tablet to control and manage your AR sandbox. It helps to easily switch between the modes and customize scenarios of your AR sandbox.

This is an especially valuable tool for educators and therapists who would like to combine different modes based on the purpose of the lesson or a therapy session. This way, they can immerse children in a unique world created by the AR sandbox so that they could actively learn and live through new experiences.




Numerous childcare centers, elementary schools, and science museums use our augmented reality sandbox as a great educational tool.


Powered by augmented reality, iSandBOX provides endless possibilities in children’s entertainment, including games and creativity modes.

Exhibition / Presentation

Thanks to its simple design and great visualization capabilities, our augmented reality sandbox is a phenomenal tool for presentations.

Therapy / Rehabilitation

Our augmented reality sandbox is a great tool for Sandplay, a therapeutic method facilitating the psyche’s natural capacity for healing.

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Select your iSandBOX

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Children’s Hope

Compare versions

Control screen
Control buttons
Number of children playing at the same time
up to 10
up to 6
up to 7
up to 10
up to 3
Recommended room space, m2
from 2,5
from 1,5
from 1,8
from 2,5
from 3
Dimensions / whd, cm
46 x 41,3 x 9,9
107 x 168 x 99,9
116 x 214 x 94
153 x 235 x 110
160 x 115 x 205 (240)
Box dimensions / whd, cm
107 x 48 x 78
116 x 54 x 80
153 x 54 x 94
160 x 100 x 67 (102)
Side wall height / whd, cm
Weight (without sand), kg
Play space, m2
Required volume of sand, kg
All models include:

The cost of the sand is not included




Virtual objects on the augmented reality sandbox surface interact with each other (lions chase antelopes, volcanic bombs set forests on fire, etc.)


Outstanding graphics quality. Virtual objects on the augmented reality sandbox are highly realistic


A large variety of educational and gaming modes with interactive scenarios. Regular issue of updates and new modes for your augmented reality sandbox


The worlds created in iSandBOX can be explored with a VR headset


You can easily manage your augmented reality sandbox with a tablet


We develop scenarios for projecting custom images/animations for your augmented reality sandbox project

About us

Universal Terminal Systems has been developing augmented reality sandboxes and other unique products for business and children’s entertainment starting 2009. As a team of professionals in business, science, and technology, we strive to create the best innovative solutions for the interactive technology market. Our product line is not limited to augmented reality sandboxes, and we are now serving more than 300 businesses in 47 countries!

TDK Group Australia Ltd (Australia)
Joseph Golubinsky
Tel.: 1300 74 89 89

Kids and Berries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg)
Mrs. Gulnur Ucarlar
Tel.: +31 (6) 1677 0177

World Wide Vision (Pakistan)
Tahir Nadeem Qazi
Tel.: +92 51 2829357

Universal Terminal Systems, Llc.
Mark Shulgov
WhatsApp: +7-952-880-0055
Tel.: +7 3822-901-239


Shanghai Palm International Co Ltd (China)
Leo Tse
Tel.: +86 25 8657 9225

Alien Net Company (Kuwait)
Jarrah Alraqum
Tel.: +965-99766436

iSandBOX Limited UK (United Kingdom)
Denis Dmitriev
Tel.: +44 7510 888865

Scandidact (Sweden,  Norway, Denmark)
Ulla Maria Olsen
Tel.: +45 4913 9333

Daisuke Fujihara
Tel.: +81-3-5791-2215

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AEGM Solutions (South Africa)
Abdul Razak Esakjee
Tel.: +27 83 415 3818
Instagram: utyala_stem_institute

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